Style me Turkman

I was recently working on a charity fashion show for Afghanaid and had the pleasure of visiting this tresure trove in Victoria, The Turkman Gallery.  The owner, Omar, a rather dapper man, guided me round his stock of carpets, pillows, vintage clothing and accessories.  Not to mention he pulled out his ace when he showed me the amazing jewellry hidden away in a chest of drawers.  They are the only people in London [i think] to sell Hussien Usta’s collection, you may recognise his work from The Tudors on BBC, or the movie Troy?  If you want something unusal and stunningly crafted then ask the shop assistants to point you in the right direction.

I managed to get some pics of the clothes for the fashion show that Omar lent.  This is an antique Afghan dress, look at all the handiwork…if only I had the patience.

traditional Afghan dress


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  1. You can also get Afghan Clothes from AfgClassics

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