antipodean desires

I recently travelled to Western Australia where I was directed by an fervent art admirer to the wonderful Gunyulgup Galleries in Margaret River.  This gallery was everything I expect in a contemporary gallery for art and design.  It has a wonderful atmosphere within as you move around the jewellery, paintings, sculpture and glass.   There was one particular artist, Waldemar Kolbusz, who really caught my attention.  His abstract paintings filled me with glee!  He uses pinks,corals and anything he fancies, all jarring next to each other in these erratic splodges where he turns the canvas around to start again from a different perspective, letting the paint drip down the canvas…wonderful!  

wonderful waldemar

wonderful waldemar

I fell in love with many objects in that little hidy-hole, like the stunning and ironic glass bunnies that come in pastel colours and stand nearly1m high by Tegan Empson, a bronze 4m high statue of a woman by Mary Knott  and came away with 2 paintings myself [naughty-naughty].  I would recommend WA to anyone travelling to that side of the world and definitely send them to this friendly, inspiring space set in a working vineyard, the well known Lamont’s….what more can you want than wine and art side by side?

there's no mixy here!

there's no mixy here!gunyulgup galleries

There were 3 in the boat and the little one said.

There were 3 in the boat and the little one said.


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