Sex and Technology? Wolf in sheep's clothing?

I was thinking about what P said about techy companies trying to sex it up a bit and it reminded me of something I saw the other that made me laugh out loud and point.

Gee Whiz! That's an improvement

GWiz cars really shouldn’t bother…But if I were to get one, i’d want it well wrapped and what makes better wrapping paper than an Eley Kishimoto print?

I saw before Christmas this print on beautiful wallets for guys and gals alike, it was so tempting but I had to remind myself there was a limit to self-presenting at Christmas.  Also going back to where this all started, one word… EASTPAK.

I have one of old that is living up to its life-time guarentee, but this print is now sported on snazzy backpacks and its looks pretty cool.  For those of us that ride bikes to work and need back storage for laptops etc then this is pretty good option.

check out the range at

Backpack image courtesy of Car image courtesy of my phone hence the blurryness.


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