Bird Case

The blanket stitch makes a nice finish...

My kind of Bullfinch.

My kind of Bullfinch.

This is what I made on Friday.  I have started making these little i-Pod cases.  As I recently acquired an i-Phone and have realised how ridiculously fragile the things are, so I set to making something that would not detract from the slim design and still be pretty.  I think it worked quite well?  I don’t really like many of the cases on the market so this is my remedy.  Black patent leather and hand embroidery.  I’m working a collection of cases with simpler designs so they are more time efficient.  This is like phone couture.

Hand embroidered on patent leather - i-Pod case.

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Here’s one I made earlier this year for Polly and she has a habit of smashing her phone.  It’s a Dartford Warbler!  The photo is not so good, as it was a sort of balancing act on my handbag!  Sorry.

Bird Case 1

Polly i-phone case
Hand embroidery on Patent leather.           Just Spiffing!


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