Going back to the tecchie theme (sorry – we will move on) – I’ve also noticed how many fashion brands are really embracing new media of late and really moving with the times.

I’m particularly impressed by Burberry’s foray topped off with their recent announcement that they will showcase the first ever 3D catwalk show at this year’s London Fashion Week (more on this soon). In addition – and while I’m a bit sick of brands jumping on the social networking site band wagon, I had to admire Burberry’s Art of the Trench.  Not only is it beautifully shot by Scott Schuman but, for me, as a fashion lover (and presumably Burberry target audience) it’s a fun, not to mention inspirational, little look into how people like to wear their trench.

I recently became the proud owner of a beautiful vintage (circa 1940s) Burberry tweed trench and I too plan to upload my very own picture..!


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  1. I want to see this beaut! Give us a twirl.

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