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Last night Kimmy and I went to the opening of the Henry Moore retrospective at Tate Britain.  What a lovely way to spend a Monday evening when recovering from the weekend.  Good wine and great art.  After we had our catch-up and eaten a belly full of vegetable crisps we meandered around the gallery.  What struck me was his drawings, we all know about his gorgeous sculptures but I truly love the way sculptors draw.  You can usually point out a sculptor immediately as they managed to convey the 3 dimensional form in the sketches so well.  Always dark and atmospheric…moody is a good way to put it.

Reclining nudes were his favorite poses.

I sneakily took some snaps on my phone of some his drawings I liked.  The exhibition takes you through the 20’s to the 60’s and what becomes apparent is the darkness he felt in the wartime period.  His drawings of wartime London are quite disturbing and sad making.  But an amazing insight into air-raid shelters in the tube, definitely worth the visit for one Britain’s finest Artists.

There are a few videos as well of him at work, and what I loved most was the fact all these men were casting bronze, or working away at plaster, rock and wood, all the while wearing a shirt and tie.  I liked it, men dressed well for work no matter what they were doing!


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