Kempton Market

A Sea of Treasure

P and I had a grand day out and visited the amazing treasure trove that is Kempton Antiques Market.  Its starts early at 6.30am, for all those eager beavers wanting to snap up a deal.  But P and I arrived at 10!  I was amazed at the range of merchandise on sale, vintage fabric, clothes, jewelry, furniture [of course] and lots lots more.  P bought some bedside tables that she intends to customise and I came home with a badger!  It was not what I set out to buy, but I have to admit he is a welcome addition to the family home.

Roll Up Roll Up

So if you happen to have a Tuesday morning free I strongly advise a day out to Sundbury-on-Thames.  The market is on twice a month and on the website they have a diary of all the forecoming dates.

My Badger, Wilberforce

I just thought I’d add a pic of the badger!!

I’m starting to gather objects for my ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, so far I have Wilberforce and the skeleton of a turtle from Athens, which I found on a walk in a park in Greece.


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