Bijoux Galore

We were the lucky recipients of an invitation to a Christie’s pre-auction jewellery evening tonight and my oh my the rocks…!

We posed in a vain attempt to blend in with the glamorous, fur-clad clientele  – D doing better than me.   I helped our cause slightly less with my rain-frizzed hair and jeans, having come straight from work (admittedly I had been at at a slightly more glamorous tea at the Athenaeum hotel ).

There were several necklaces we were particularly keen to ‘try’ but with eldely bejewelled ladies battering their way to the assistants we decided to give it a miss in exchange for the champers.  I left armed with inspiration and plotting how to duplicate one particular ring on a more modest budget….

These are actually from the Dec catalogue, but they are an example of some of the outrageously gorgeous jewels on sale. Sadly taking photos was not the done thing at such an event, so I couldn't draw you up anything in this month's sale. But we have our sources so perhaps I can add something at a later date?


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