I watched Breakfast_at_Tiffany‘s with my ma last night and had forgotten quite how divine Holly Golightly’s wardrobe is –  you’d never get such a chic look in a contemporary film.  Ok, now I sound like my grandmother – but it’s true.

 Obviously it’s helped by the fact that Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful people ever (fyi, apparently Marilyn Monroe turned down the role – what a blessing).

I want this poloneck...

Although I LOVE the iconic Givenchy dresses, I actually found myself coveting the ‘day time’ outfits even more – the cute cropped jumpers and black trousers (the latter are such a simple but beautiful cut – where can I buy such a pair?!)  the scarves, the glasses, the hats, the pearls and the coats. So utterly classic and chic. *sigh*

Gorgeous little hat and coat

 I try and stick to the rule  ‘if a Parisian girl wouldn’t wear it, neither will I’ – it’s a weak attempt to learn to be stylish in a minimal French way and an effort to wean  myself – slightly – off my love of kitsch and tattyness.  I fail most of the time but after watching Audrey last night I feel inspired to give it another go!

Even in a towelling turban I want this look...


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