Flowers Gallery: Artist of the day

Kate Knight at Flowers Gallery, Cork St, London.

On Monday I went to see a friend’s solo show, for one day only, at Flowers Gallery Cork St, London.  I’ve known Kate Knight for years and I think her work is outstanding and I’m always impressed by her progression in style and  technique.  Her work has been described as the “feminine embodiment of Francis Bacon”, due the emotive and very personal subject matter she portrays.  I love her work for the sheer beauty of the paintings, and the labour and love that goes into the canvas.  Kate paints in oil on gesso on board and then finishes off her work with a thick gloss finish, so you feel like Narcissus peering over the pond edge to catch a glimse of something truly magical.

Kate Knight, oil and gesso on board.

Even though you may have missed her solo show, this Saturday, 10th July 2010, Flowers are finishing the week long exhibition with a collection of work from each artist.  If you want to catch Kate while you still can, some of her work will be on display in the gallery, otherwise you will have to wait till next time!  I apologize for the quality of the pics but I took them on my phone!

Kate Knight: oil and gesso on canvas


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