Two British Ladies Ponderings on Culture and Style

Introducing P and D


P likes…. tart tatin, pale blue, pretty lingerie, le français, reading lots of books and plays, going to plays [especially Alan Ayckbourn], going to festivals – last year it was Bestival, the year before  it was Glasto with D.  She’s very funny and make D laugh a lot [even if it’s at my expense].

D likes…. dark chocolate truffles, orange, drawing, sewing, walking her dogs [… most of the time], she likes books and plays too but doesn’t get round to as much as P, she likes to dance – sometimes this involves a kitchen disco in underwear.

We both like…. visiting Paris, going to exhibitions, discussing fashion and design over a baked potato lunch, high tea at Liberty’s [… ooh the scones], generally perusing the stock in Liberty’s, and talking about what we want to make and how D must teach P to use a sewing machine.  Stripes.


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