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Flowers Gallery: Artist of the day

Kate Knight at Flowers Gallery, Cork St, London.

On Monday I went to see a friend’s solo show, for one day only, at Flowers Gallery Cork St, London.  I’ve known Kate Knight for years and I think her work is outstanding and I’m always impressed by her progression in style and  technique.  Her work has been described as the “feminine embodiment of Francis Bacon”, due the emotive and very personal subject matter she portrays.  I love her work for the sheer beauty of the paintings, and the labour and love that goes into the canvas.  Kate paints in oil on gesso on board and then finishes off her work with a thick gloss finish, so you feel like Narcissus peering over the pond edge to catch a glimse of something truly magical.

Kate Knight, oil and gesso on board.

Even though you may have missed her solo show, this Saturday, 10th July 2010, Flowers are finishing the week long exhibition with a collection of work from each artist.  If you want to catch Kate while you still can, some of her work will be on display in the gallery, otherwise you will have to wait till next time!  I apologize for the quality of the pics but I took them on my phone!

Kate Knight: oil and gesso on canvas


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A night at the museum

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the V&A’s ‘design exhibition of the year’ –  1:1 Artists Build Small Spaces  (a slightly mixed pleasure as I was working – technically).  Very curious and a little confusing but I nevertheless recommend it.

The V&A has put a call out to architects across the world, inviting them to erect small ‘spaces’ within the Gallery itself, ‘buildings within buildings’- if you will.

One construction showed a plaster cast of an Inidan slum – mixed in amid ancient buildings – by Studio Mumbai Architects, the next a treehouse construction, ‘the Beetle’s House’ – below (imported in a box from Japan) by Terunobu Fujimori.  Based on the style of a Japanese tea house this was postitioned among permanent collection works such as 17th century house remains from the Fire of London.  One of my favourites was a ‘climbing fame’  piece by Helen & Hard Architects, carved out of trees in the famous John Madejsky Garden.

Terunobu Fujimori

It’s been pitched as the big design event and, while I’m not sure it quite fulfills the hype, it’s still a lovely outing and well worth the visit.

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Henry Moore

Henry's Musings

Last night Kimmy and I went to the opening of the Henry Moore retrospective at Tate Britain.  What a lovely way to spend a Monday evening when recovering from the weekend.  Good wine and great art.  After we had our catch-up and eaten a belly full of vegetable crisps we meandered around the gallery.  What struck me was his drawings, we all know about his gorgeous sculptures but I truly love the way sculptors draw.  You can usually point out a sculptor immediately as they managed to convey the 3 dimensional form in the sketches so well.  Always dark and atmospheric…moody is a good way to put it.

Reclining nudes were his favorite poses.

I sneakily took some snaps on my phone of some his drawings I liked.  The exhibition takes you through the 20’s to the 60’s and what becomes apparent is the darkness he felt in the wartime period.  His drawings of wartime London are quite disturbing and sad making.  But an amazing insight into air-raid shelters in the tube, definitely worth the visit for one Britain’s finest Artists.

There are a few videos as well of him at work, and what I loved most was the fact all these men were casting bronze, or working away at plaster, rock and wood, all the while wearing a shirt and tie.  I liked it, men dressed well for work no matter what they were doing!

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Bird Case

The blanket stitch makes a nice finish...

My kind of Bullfinch.

My kind of Bullfinch.

This is what I made on Friday.  I have started making these little i-Pod cases.  As I recently acquired an i-Phone and have realised how ridiculously fragile the things are, so I set to making something that would not detract from the slim design and still be pretty.  I think it worked quite well?  I don’t really like many of the cases on the market so this is my remedy.  Black patent leather and hand embroidery.  I’m working a collection of cases with simpler designs so they are more time efficient.  This is like phone couture.

Hand embroidered on patent leather - i-Pod case.

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Here’s one I made earlier this year for Polly and she has a habit of smashing her phone.  It’s a Dartford Warbler!  The photo is not so good, as it was a sort of balancing act on my handbag!  Sorry.

Bird Case 1

Polly i-phone case
Hand embroidery on Patent leather.           Just Spiffing!

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