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Goddess Shoes

I recently self-presented myself with these birthday shoes.  When I found them on I couldn’t quite believe the genius of Dame Viv and Melissa, all rolled into these hilarious platforms.  But I must admit, I went out of my way to the Westwood shop at World’s End, Chelsea just to try them on.  They will carry me through my pregnancy and beyond! As you can see they have a very sensible heel.

hermes would be proud

They are so comfortable but beware to keep them away from where you sleep, as the smell of rubber will keep you awake at night!


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I watched Breakfast_at_Tiffany‘s with my ma last night and had forgotten quite how divine Holly Golightly’s wardrobe is –  you’d never get such a chic look in a contemporary film.  Ok, now I sound like my grandmother – but it’s true.

 Obviously it’s helped by the fact that Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful people ever (fyi, apparently Marilyn Monroe turned down the role – what a blessing).

I want this poloneck...

Although I LOVE the iconic Givenchy dresses, I actually found myself coveting the ‘day time’ outfits even more – the cute cropped jumpers and black trousers (the latter are such a simple but beautiful cut – where can I buy such a pair?!)  the scarves, the glasses, the hats, the pearls and the coats. So utterly classic and chic. *sigh*

Gorgeous little hat and coat

 I try and stick to the rule  ‘if a Parisian girl wouldn’t wear it, neither will I’ – it’s a weak attempt to learn to be stylish in a minimal French way and an effort to wean  myself – slightly – off my love of kitsch and tattyness.  I fail most of the time but after watching Audrey last night I feel inspired to give it another go!

Even in a towelling turban I want this look...

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the perfect mulberry

My mother has this bag, in a beautiful mock-croc.  I love it.  She once very kindly lent it to me for Glasto and it’s the perfect festival bag.  Or, she uses it for when she’s travelling… it’s very un-mugger-friendly.  P also has one in red scotchgrain and tan leather that was thier trademark material of yesteryear.  The new Antony satchel is, quite frankly, dull.  But very good for men.  I think they re-made this particular variety in gordy patent leather/PVC rainbow colours but I want to see more.  I just wish they would remake this again …. loveit loveit loveit.

I also promised P to put this drawing on a tee for her, maybe one day she’ll get it.

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Speakeasy dress code

The prize for best vintage hat goes to...

Carrying on from where I left off, the speakeasy outfits were as much fun as the sorting out the props. This young filly was wearing the most delicous hat.  Doff your caps please and applause.  I loved the gent in his sporting gear, I like seeing people getting creative.

The sporting fellow complete with racket.

Boa Lady with finger curls

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Have been getting terribly excited this week about NYFW – and pending LFW – so many great shows (Note: all v technical – live streamings, etc!).

Some of my favourite NY collections would have to include Marc Jacobs (typically girly and lots of nice waist sinching belts) Derek Lam (sexy), Thakoon (loving all the prints) and – we were both extremely shocked at this – Victoria Beckham.

Never did I think I’d hear myself say it but I really liked it.  It wasn’t breakthrough stuff but it was pretty and ‘cool’ – pieces I could see many of my friends wearing (albeit on more dressy occasions) – unlike the Mouret Galaxy ‘inspired’ earlier offerings.  Add to this that it was held in the appartment Carrie and Big nearly buy in the SATC movie and I was always going to be won over! Interesting however, that she showed in NY and not London..?

LFW tomorrow – will have to dress up and loiter in possible Sartorialist spots!

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Going back to the tecchie theme (sorry – we will move on) – I’ve also noticed how many fashion brands are really embracing new media of late and really moving with the times.

I’m particularly impressed by Burberry’s foray topped off with their recent announcement that they will showcase the first ever 3D catwalk show at this year’s London Fashion Week (more on this soon). In addition – and while I’m a bit sick of brands jumping on the social networking site band wagon, I had to admire Burberry’s Art of the Trench.  Not only is it beautifully shot by Scott Schuman but, for me, as a fashion lover (and presumably Burberry target audience) it’s a fun, not to mention inspirational, little look into how people like to wear their trench.

I recently became the proud owner of a beautiful vintage (circa 1940s) Burberry tweed trench and I too plan to upload my very own picture..!

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nanny nanny boo boo

Always function, function, funtcion

Always function, function, function in the 1950's.

Aprons are apparently not just for Nanny and other kitchen staff.  Last year we saw Miu Miu making a statement with pleated perfect aprons and this summer Paul Smith is creating full bodied skirts, in slightly more gypsy style with layers over petticoats, to craet a apron effect.  A cunning take on the 50’s housewife half a century later when woman have it all and the bank balance.  Personally I love a bit of an ironic statement, showing that all practical things, when thought through and executed stylishly can make you look adventurous and humorous.  Its a far cry from the Good Housewife Guide.

Form first at Miu Miu ss09.

Form first at Miu Miu ss09.

Gypsy style layers at Paul Smith ss09.

Gypsy style layers at Paul Smith ss09.,213,PSC.html

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