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Bijoux Galore

We were the lucky recipients of an invitation to a Christie’s pre-auction jewellery evening tonight and my oh my the rocks…!

We posed in a vain attempt to blend in with the glamorous, fur-clad clientele  – D doing better than me.   I helped our cause slightly less with my rain-frizzed hair and jeans, having come straight from work (admittedly I had been at at a slightly more glamorous tea at the Athenaeum hotel ).

There were several necklaces we were particularly keen to ‘try’ but with eldely bejewelled ladies battering their way to the assistants we decided to give it a miss in exchange for the champers.  I left armed with inspiration and plotting how to duplicate one particular ring on a more modest budget….

These are actually from the Dec catalogue, but they are an example of some of the outrageously gorgeous jewels on sale. Sadly taking photos was not the done thing at such an event, so I couldn't draw you up anything in this month's sale. But we have our sources so perhaps I can add something at a later date?


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Bird Case II

Goldfinch - "tweet tweet!"

SO I had to make one for myself….  my poor iPod is getting so battered and now it can snuggle down with this pretty case. I’m ruffling my feathers with pride as I write!

Cotton thread embroidered on black patent leather, with a blanket stitch to finish off the edges.

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Kempton Market

A Sea of Treasure

P and I had a grand day out and visited the amazing treasure trove that is Kempton Antiques Market.  Its starts early at 6.30am, for all those eager beavers wanting to snap up a deal.  But P and I arrived at 10!  I was amazed at the range of merchandise on sale, vintage fabric, clothes, jewelry, furniture [of course] and lots lots more.  P bought some bedside tables that she intends to customise and I came home with a badger!  It was not what I set out to buy, but I have to admit he is a welcome addition to the family home.

Roll Up Roll Up

So if you happen to have a Tuesday morning free I strongly advise a day out to Sundbury-on-Thames.  The market is on twice a month and on the website they have a diary of all the forecoming dates.

My Badger, Wilberforce

I just thought I’d add a pic of the badger!!

I’m starting to gather objects for my ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, so far I have Wilberforce and the skeleton of a turtle from Athens, which I found on a walk in a park in Greece.

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Why wear one when you can wear them all?

I have a wee collection of brooches, among my favs are the two roses.  One is a crystal encrusted Sonia Rykiel rose and the other is Jonny Loves Rosie big red rose that is so lifelike, I might have just picked from the bush.

Also there, is a ‘Hobbs’ foxy fox, the blue bird was something I found on the street and took home with me and gave it new life as a brooch, below that is my Mummy’s girl-guide badge and above the bird is my Daddy’s UN cap badge [it’s so beautiful, its brass and enamel and No they don’t make them like that anymore…cutbacks,cutbacks!], then there’s my ‘Love Kylie’ badge from a night out in Edinburgh and finally a clear ball with crystals in it [technically a shoe ornament].

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in your cups.

I held a superb surprise birthday for my hubby this weekend and we had a prohibition theme, so I spent the last month gathering all my props!  Which meant trailing round all my local charity shops and clearing them out of teacups!  They looked so beautiful all together and I served prosecco and raspberries in them.  Only problem is the mental process of thinking you are drinking actual tea from your tea-cup and guzzling the booze far too quickly!

I also didn’t have the budget or space for vintage 3-d 1920’s furniture, so I drew my very own chandelier and gramophone.  I think they worked splendidly and am considering leaving up forever as they make nice wall fillers.  They were meant to be stencils but I didn’t feel in the mood for fiddling around with a scalpel so did them the old fashioned way with pen and paper.

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Bird Case

The blanket stitch makes a nice finish...

My kind of Bullfinch.

My kind of Bullfinch.

This is what I made on Friday.  I have started making these little i-Pod cases.  As I recently acquired an i-Phone and have realised how ridiculously fragile the things are, so I set to making something that would not detract from the slim design and still be pretty.  I think it worked quite well?  I don’t really like many of the cases on the market so this is my remedy.  Black patent leather and hand embroidery.  I’m working a collection of cases with simpler designs so they are more time efficient.  This is like phone couture.

Hand embroidered on patent leather - i-Pod case.

tweet tweet

Here’s one I made earlier this year for Polly and she has a habit of smashing her phone.  It’s a Dartford Warbler!  The photo is not so good, as it was a sort of balancing act on my handbag!  Sorry.

Bird Case 1

Polly i-phone case
Hand embroidery on Patent leather.           Just Spiffing!

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Very quick note to acknowledge the sadness of Alexander McQueen’s death.  Such a loss to the British fashion scene and the design industry as a whole.

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