High Tea and Mad Delights.

I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very important Date!

It was my Birthday yesterday and I had a fab day out with my great chum, Bryher.  We started at World’s End in Chelsea, with Vivienne Westwood.  Nothing like starting a day with a pure pleasure buy!  In my case a pair of amazing Melissa shoes [but that’s another story] and then we moved onto lunch and some Bob Carlos Clark, at the Little Black Gallery for pudding. Ole Bob is one of Bryher’s favourite photographers, his super sexy/fethish styling is so kinky, you want to go out, head to toe in a rubber catsuit and Purrrrr… softly.  Check out my new mood board for a little appetizer of his work.

Anyway after all this and a few other pit stops we ended up at the Sanderson Hotel for high tea.  The Alice in Wonderland themed cacophony of sugar and cream felt like Alice, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter had a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory to make sure that they had tasted every possible wierd and wonderful confectionary available.  My personal favourite were the sandwiches which were delicious in saffon and spinach coloured bread!  All in it was a sure sugar high and the sugar headache that ensued thereafter was a reminder of my guilty pleasures.

A constant flow of tea was needed to break the sugar flow.

You need to book in advance and I would make sure you give yourself an hour to get through and savour all the little fancies and treats.




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Kempton Market

A Sea of Treasure

P and I had a grand day out and visited the amazing treasure trove that is Kempton Antiques Market.  Its starts early at 6.30am, for all those eager beavers wanting to snap up a deal.  But P and I arrived at 10!  I was amazed at the range of merchandise on sale, vintage fabric, clothes, jewelry, furniture [of course] and lots lots more.  P bought some bedside tables that she intends to customise and I came home with a badger!  It was not what I set out to buy, but I have to admit he is a welcome addition to the family home.

Roll Up Roll Up

So if you happen to have a Tuesday morning free I strongly advise a day out to Sundbury-on-Thames.  The market is on twice a month and on the website they have a diary of all the forecoming dates.


My Badger, Wilberforce

I just thought I’d add a pic of the badger!!

I’m starting to gather objects for my ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, so far I have Wilberforce and the skeleton of a turtle from Athens, which I found on a walk in a park in Greece.

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Why wear one when you can wear them all?

I have a wee collection of brooches, among my favs are the two roses.  One is a crystal encrusted Sonia Rykiel rose and the other is Jonny Loves Rosie big red rose that is so lifelike, I might have just picked from the bush.

Also there, is a ‘Hobbs’ foxy fox, the blue bird was something I found on the street and took home with me and gave it new life as a brooch, below that is my Mummy’s girl-guide badge and above the bird is my Daddy’s UN cap badge [it’s so beautiful, its brass and enamel and No they don’t make them like that anymore…cutbacks,cutbacks!], then there’s my ‘Love Kylie’ badge from a night out in Edinburgh and finally a clear ball with crystals in it [technically a shoe ornament].

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Speakeasy dress code

The prize for best vintage hat goes to...

Carrying on from where I left off, the speakeasy outfits were as much fun as the sorting out the props. This young filly was wearing the most delicous hat.  Doff your caps please and applause.  I loved the gent in his sporting gear, I like seeing people getting creative.

The sporting fellow complete with racket.

Boa Lady with finger curls

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in your cups.

I held a superb surprise birthday for my hubby this weekend and we had a prohibition theme, so I spent the last month gathering all my props!  Which meant trailing round all my local charity shops and clearing them out of teacups!  They looked so beautiful all together and I served prosecco and raspberries in them.  Only problem is the mental process of thinking you are drinking actual tea from your tea-cup and guzzling the booze far too quickly!

I also didn’t have the budget or space for vintage 3-d 1920’s furniture, so I drew my very own chandelier and gramophone.  I think they worked splendidly and am considering leaving up forever as they make nice wall fillers.  They were meant to be stencils but I didn’t feel in the mood for fiddling around with a scalpel so did them the old fashioned way with pen and paper.

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Henry Moore

Henry's Musings

Last night Kimmy and I went to the opening of the Henry Moore retrospective at Tate Britain.  What a lovely way to spend a Monday evening when recovering from the weekend.  Good wine and great art.  After we had our catch-up and eaten a belly full of vegetable crisps we meandered around the gallery.  What struck me was his drawings, we all know about his gorgeous sculptures but I truly love the way sculptors draw.  You can usually point out a sculptor immediately as they managed to convey the 3 dimensional form in the sketches so well.  Always dark and atmospheric…moody is a good way to put it.

Reclining nudes were his favorite poses.

I sneakily took some snaps on my phone of some his drawings I liked.  The exhibition takes you through the 20’s to the 60’s and what becomes apparent is the darkness he felt in the wartime period.  His drawings of wartime London are quite disturbing and sad making.  But an amazing insight into air-raid shelters in the tube, definitely worth the visit for one Britain’s finest Artists.

There are a few videos as well of him at work, and what I loved most was the fact all these men were casting bronze, or working away at plaster, rock and wood, all the while wearing a shirt and tie.  I liked it, men dressed well for work no matter what they were doing!

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Have been getting terribly excited this week about NYFW – and pending LFW – so many great shows (Note: all v technical – live streamings, etc!).

Some of my favourite NY collections would have to include Marc Jacobs (typically girly and lots of nice waist sinching belts) Derek Lam (sexy), Thakoon (loving all the prints) and – we were both extremely shocked at this – Victoria Beckham.

Never did I think I’d hear myself say it but I really liked it.  It wasn’t breakthrough stuff but it was pretty and ‘cool’ – pieces I could see many of my friends wearing (albeit on more dressy occasions) – unlike the Mouret Galaxy ‘inspired’ earlier offerings.  Add to this that it was held in the appartment Carrie and Big nearly buy in the SATC movie and I was always going to be won over! Interesting however, that she showed in NY and not London..?

LFW tomorrow – will have to dress up and loiter in possible Sartorialist spots!

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